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Best of January – March, newspaper edition!
Posted on April 6, 2013 by bea

It’s been a busy first quarter at the paper, with me being the only staff photographer after my co-worker passed away unexpectedly just before Christmas. I have done my best to fill her shoes, and have been covering a wild mix of sports, spot news, theater dress rehearsals, and a few feature stories, which I […]

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New review!
Posted on August 8, 2012

One of my lovely brides, Vanessa, was kind enough to write me a review for her wedding pictures taken at the historic Wawona Hotel in Yosemite. “I loved having Bea as our photographer for our small wedding in Yosemite.  She showed up on time and prepared with her assistant and did everything we asked her […]

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A photojournalist has a unique ability to capture fleeting emotions and create a well-rounded picture of events. They have crucial experience in anticipating moments before they happen, and they easily blend in with people from all walks of life in all kinds of circumstances in order to stay on top of what’s happening. They observe the light and incorporate it into their images to tell the mood of the day. Bea Ahbeck is a photojournalist with a decade of experience doing all that, and she offers her abilities as a storyteller for your special day.


Your children are the most important part of your life. And although you have snapshots of many of their precious moments as they learn and grow, now you have the unique opportunity for a professional photojournalist to help tell the story.
I offer much more than a portrait session. I can use my skills as a 10-year visual news reporter to document their fleeting childhood during a typical day or on special occasions such as birthdays or a visit to grandpa.


A photojournalist is a trained observer who melts into the background to capture real, intimate moments of people's struggles and successes, while incorporating the surroundings and quality of light to show people something otherwise left unseen.


In 2006 Bea traveled to Uganda to document the plight of the Night Commuters -- the children of Northern Uganda who have never seen a day of peace in their lives. Every night they walk into guarded cities for a place to sleep, so they won't be kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers for Jospeph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army. Other topics covered included the rehabilitation camps for former child soldiers, and anti-retroviral drugs offering new life to families struggling with HIV.